i was born with silver between my teeth
and now i know when to shine and when to sting


Everything up to then was fear. Everything, even when I was alive, different levels of fear. But then it’s gone. And you’re like that: ‘Yeah, come on. Give it to me. Fill me up.’


mythology edits  ||  orpheus & eurydice, inspired by (x)

The last I saw of you was a dark oval.
Though I knew how this failure
would hurt you, I had to
fold like a gray moth and let go.

You could not believe I was more than your echo.

kieren walker + smiling to jem in 2.01
for tyreelll | winner of my tumblr awards

Listen to me, kid: I am not in any book. I’m a real person. And I’m no savior. You were right about one thing, though. I wanted you to have your best chance. But it’s not with me. [x]